Our Clients


Many of our clients have been associated with our practice since the beginning and continue to enjoy both a business and personal relationship.

Bluewater Financial clients consist of:

  • Private Individuals
  • Self Employed Professionals
  • Corporate Executives
  • SME business owners,
  • Private and Public companies

At Bluewater we assist our clients Protect, Grow and Distribute their wealth utilising the most comprehensive and up to date strategies.

Typically, we find many business operators and professionals are too busy meeting the demands of their clients to worry about taking care of their fundamental key needs of asset protection, wealth accumulation, wealth distribution, succession planning, estate planning and employee benefits.

Therefore, our experience is that our clients wish to partner with like minded professionals for guidance and assistance.

Bluewater Financial Group

We are a boutique financial advisory practice family owned providing advice to a range of clients in Sydney and the surrounding areas. “Boutique” means efficient and specialised. Bluewater Financial Advisors Pty Ltd provides personalised professional service and promptly respond to their clients needs while providing economies of scale catering for diverse specialised applications and complex matters.

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